Fields of research

Development of Nanometrological Platforms in Analytical Chemistry

Multielemental, chemical and functional speciation in natural nanoparticles: DOM, POM, biocolloids, plankton, proteins, etc.

Development of sensors and biosensors using functionalized metallic nanoparticles, and the use of quantum dots to study metals in their different forms, organic or inorganic ions, organic molecules such as endocrine disruptors, drugs of abuse and their metabolites.

Development of analytical methodology for the determination and differentiation of metallic nanoparticles in environmental samples, clinical samples and in food.

Metallomics and metalloproteomics

Development of methods for studies of the different chemical forms (speciation) in which trace or ultra-trace elements can be found in samples of clinical, food and environmental interest.

Bioavailability of trace elements

Development of methods for the study of the bioavailability of trace elements in food samples.

Study of the bioavailability of toxic elements in environmental samples.

Alternative methods for sample preparation

Use of ionic and molecular imprinting polymers as solid phase extraction systems for the determination of organometallic compounds, phthalates and drugs of abuse.

Use of alternative sample preparation methods: cloud point extraction, enzymatic extractions, etc.