In addition to our extensive research activity, our group provides various services to the scientific community and business sector, such as trace element analysis in environmental and clinical samples, scientific advice to corporations for solving technical problems, and training of personnel.

Within the GETEE group, with a wide professional experience, we have contributed to the development of numerous analytical methodologies. Therefore, one of our objectives is to transfer the developments contributed by our research work to society by providing different services to individuals, companies and institutions:


The available instrumental techniques of sample treatment and determination (atomic and molecular spectroscopy; chromatography; liquid-mass) allow us to perform a wide variety of analyses on different matrices, in particular:

Analysis of metal and non-metal content in:

  • water (drinking water, sea water, waste water)
  • samples of clinical interest (blood, urine, hair, etc.)
  • food
  • solid samples (soils, sludge, marine sediments, etc.)

Speciation studies


The evolution of chemical knowledge and the adaptation of legislation to it, has led to a growing interest in the knowledge of the different chemical forms (species) in which the elements are found; therefore, different methods for speciation analysis have been developed in our laboratory. We offer, among others, the following services:

  • Quantification of Cr species (Cr(III)/Cr(VI)
  • Tin species: TBT/DBT/MBT
  • Mercury species: Inorganic mercury/Methylmercury
  • Organic and inorganic arsenic and selenium species
  • Metalloproteins in various matrices (biological samples)

Food fortification and bioavailability studies

The research group has participated in various studies on food fortification and bioavailability (milk matrices (cow’s milk, infant formula), algae, etc.), thus contributing to a technological area in growing development: the launch of new functional foods on the market.


The knowledge acquired together with the teaching experience of the professors and researchers of the GETEE group allows us to participate in the training of professionals interested in updating their competences, with the assistance of:

Specialised Continuous Training Seminars in:

  • Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Sampling and sample preparation
  • Quality Control
  • Various analytical techniques
Espectroscopia de Emision con Plasma Acoplado por Induccion,ICP-OES


We also provide consultancy services or assistance to companies or institutions in the application of different analytical techniques.:

  • Training and technology consultancy
  • Assistance in the implementation of new methods, analytical techniques, quality systems, etc.
  • R&D&I services